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Mary L.
28 June 2019

Had been considering injections before this. I’m so glad Kneele found me and showed me what was possible before I dropped $700+ on it. Insurance doesn't cover it...

Dorothy J.
3 August 2019

I got a pair of them. Been using this for a week, and it really does help relieve pain! Now, I use it regularly, and feel much better every day

Amare E.
19 June 2019

Works well. Nice warm feeling on the knees

Mila T.
10 June 2019

The warming sensation really helps relief pain after a day of walking, especially since it warms from the inside, a feeling which is very new and difficult to explain. It just works wonders for pain relief and I have recommended it to my friends!

Etrusk W.
30 August 2019

Great for painful knees! Does exactly as described. Very happy with the purchase.

CY Lan
7 July 2019

I used to use a lot of those stickers for my knee pain. The whole house would always smell of it. Now, I’m getting a similar relief and the warming sensations feel amazing. The relief is so good, it feels like it comes from within my knee. Thanks from an old lady.

Tanya B.
19 July 2019

This sounds weird but.. it's life changing! Nothing I’ve tried so far has given me this sort of relief from pain. And the best part is that the good feelings last for quite a while! I think Kneele is on to something here. Keep it up!

CY Lan
7 July 2019

I used to use a lot of those stickers for my knee pain. The whole house would always smell of it. Now, I’m getting a similar relief and the warming sensations feel amazing. The relief is so good, it feels like it comes from within my knee. Thanks from an old lady.

Tara K.
5 June 2019

I used to take ibuprofen on those excruciating days. I know it’s bad for my health long term but I had no other options. This works so well to replace that.

Ina D.
10 September 2019

Love how it feels. Helps unwind after each long day. 5 stars!

Peter S.
3 July 2019

The pills I used to take always made my stomach upset with acid and it was always a balancing game. It worked somehow but I knew I had to find something better and affordable. The product works very well and provides a ton of relief for me.

Sam K.
14 June 2019

I felt so relieved after using the KneelePad! The pain instantly disappeared just a couple of minutes in. It’s a warm tingly sensation that my take getting used to at first. But so worth it afterwards

Miguel R.
22 September 2019

Nice feeling on the knee

Scott S.
7 August 2019

I work in HVAC, and my knees really get the better of me some days. Now, I feel I can take on anything. Thanks Kneele!

Jordan P.
19 October 2019

I was skeptical at first. But it came through for me. Good product

Helen R.
18 July 2019

Product arrived fast. It helps with the pain. Wish there were more colors.

Cecilia K.
22 August 2019

Fits my plus-sized knee better than expected.. Recommended

Isabella G.
13 August 2019

As a single mother, I have to lift heavy things sometimes, and my knees would usually give out. Thanks to the KneelePad, I feel more independent than ever!

Yonna T.
19 September 2019

Amazing product! Helps with my pains. Sharing with my friends and family who need it.

Barbara G.
2 September 2019

I'm plus-sized, and the extra weight unfortunately wears out my knee. I'm working on it, and the KneelePad is helping so much! Recommended! 

Arthur M.
1 September 2019

I can't believe it, but my knees don't feel pain anymore. Recommended!

Bjorne B.
1 September 2019

I was skeptical at first, but now I can only say I wish I pulled the trigger sooner. This works wonders for my osteoarthritis! Recommended!

Nina R.
22 October 2019

Satisfied with product. A little pricey for me, but I suppose it's cheaper than a knee replacement.

Julia O.
17 September 2019

I recommend it to anyone who has osteoarthritis. Works wonders for me.

Tony Q.
7 September 2019

Works well, even on my large knee. I can't believe how well it soothes my knee pains! Love it!

Theresa T
5 August 2019

Works well, warms the knee and loosens my joint.

Olva P.
17 September 2019

Good product... Easy to use..knees feel comfortable after using it and it really relief the knee pain

Krysta C.
5 September 2019

Good product. It is very convenient. I just use the power bank and it works fine. Warm decently

Xiao J.
1 September 2019

The pad helps on cold days too. Warms me right up from the knees. It also helps keep my joints loose on cold rainy days. Great! Thanks from down under :)

Lisha M.
1 September 2019

It gives a good heat for my knee. I am happy it do relieve my knee pain

Jenny F.
4 September 2019

Handy little device! I carry it with me on travels, and it certainly helps after a long day of walking

Ramon P.
10 September 2019

Good knee pad. Works great.. Useful for my mother who suffer knee pain. She is super satisfied with it

Filippa M.
8 September 2019

Everything works fine. It reduce the pain when I walked after using for a few times

Maureen C.
23 August 2019

My old knees have been suffering from OA for 25 years. This device brings a tear to my eye for how well it works. Thank you so much, Kneele!

Charissa O.
15 September 2019

Very good quality and it works well. My knees do not hurt so much now

Jordan G.
1 October 2019

It isn't too warm but it really helps with the pain! Great pad!

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Irina T.
5 October 2019

Very premium quality product. I asked them about chargers but they explained that USB is more universal than country-specific plugs. Good service too.

Kuki D.
12 October 2019

My package went missing but Kneele quickly replaced it. Glad I got the Insured shipping. Great product and service though. 4 stars for missing package.

Daniella S.
19 October 2019

Here's a long review. So buckle in for the ride. I saw this KneelePad on a facebook ad in July but was very skeptical at first. I contacted them and wanted to find out more about the product, and their customer service was very helpful. I researched more about the benefits of Far Infrared, and I realise even Tony Robbins loves using infrared therapy! I was like WHAT?? So I knew I had to pull the trigger. Made my order in mid-September and got it in a week or so. Kneele probably isn't the largest player out there, but they do know how to handle their customers. You've won a loyal customer from me. I wish I could have more broken knees for your device to heal, but I can only recommend it to my friends all over. If anyone reading this has knee pains and is considering getting a KneelePad, do it already! It certainly saved me a fortune on a knee replacement.

Charlene T.
29 October 2019

My mum had a knee replacement 20 years ago. Now, it's starting to get inflamed again. I thought knee replacements were supposed to be the ultimate fix?? Then I tried giving her this KneelePad a friend shared to me on Facebook. She's definitely happier now. Recommended!