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Using proven technology in providing long-term regenerative relief to sufferers of osteoarthritis

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Kneele. Dedicated to knee care.

Kneele's Far Infrared Brace revolutionises the way we care for our knees. Built to provide relief wherever you go. No smelly creams, no drugs, no surgery.


Rethink your knee solutions

Avoid total knee replacements that cost up to $50,000 with hospital bills
No more knee injections costing in the range of $300-$750
Reduce side effects from ingesting drugs and pills
Minimise use of expensive creams that run out in weeks/months
Kneele's Far Infrared Brace is non-invasive, non-ingested and highly reuseable

The Healing Power of Infrared Light

Far infrared, naturally found in sunlight, has a multitude of healing properties towards life on Earth.

Now, we've harnessed it into a brace to accelerate your own therapeutic healing.

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Deep, penetrating far infrared waves warm your joints and provides healing comfort for osteoarthritis

Breathable, high-quality, durable materials that feel good on you

Use a powerbank to power the brace anytime, wherever you are!

Three presets safely mimicking our natural body temperature while providing maximum pain relief.

Our customers are living the dream life

25 reviews
Tara K. 5 June 2019

I used to take ibuprofen on those excruciating days. I know it’s bad for my health long term but I had no other options. Thanks Kneele, for coming into my life and changing that for me.

Mary L. 28 June 2019

Had been considering injections before this. I’m so glad Kneele found me and showed me what was possible before I dropped $700+ on it. Insurance doesn't cover it...

Sally T. 10 June 2019

The warming sensation really helps relief pain after a day of walking, especially since it warms from the inside, a feeling which is very new and difficult to explain. It just works wonders for pain relief and I have recommended it to my friends!

Parker S. 3 July 2019

The pills I used to take always made my stomach upset with acid and it was always a balancing game. It worked somehow but I knew I had to find something better and affordable. I’m glad I found Kneele just at the right time. Your product works very well and provides a ton of relief for me!

CY Lan 7 July 2019

I used to use a lot of those stickers for my knee pain. The whole house would always smell of it. Now, I’m getting a similar relief and the warming sensations feel amazing. The relief is so good, it feels like it comes from within my knee. Thanks from an old lady.

Mary J. 3 August 2019

I got a pair of them. Been using this for a week, and it really does help relieve pain! Now, I'm just practicing the tips in the book and hope to get better soon!

Helen R. 14 June 2019

The price I paid is so insignificant to the relief I feel from using it. I’d gladly buy it a few times over!

Priyanka S. 12 June 2019

You can’t put a price on the relief I felt. I bought a pair to support Kneele and to maximise my comfort ;)

Russell P. 1 June 2019

I felt so relieved after using Kneele’s brace! The pain instantly disappeared just a couple of minutes in. It’s a warm tingly sensation that my take getting used to at first. But so worth it afterwards

Samantha P. 16 June 2019

I got a pair to relieve both my knees. It’s absolutely comforting and alleviates pain as soon as everything gets warm and comfy. Love it!

Rebecca Y. 1 July 2019

It’s amazing how it works like magic. I wish I’d found this solution sooner. I apply it once daily in the morning and I’m ready to take on the day.

Eugene C. 30 June 2019

Such a simple device to use, and I can easily pack it with me on travels. Keeps me moving more than I previously dared. This gives me a sort of confidence to do more things with less worry of pain.

Krystal B. 21 June 2019

There’s so much value Kneele puts out. The articles, the ebook, the free brace, all on top of a very high quality brace that arrived at my door within 4 days of ordering.

Jacob M. 3 June 2019

I really appreciate that these guys know how care for the knees and providing so much value through their free articles and guides! Recommended!

Carlos R. 19 June 2019

It’s such a steal. The infrared brace itself is already working its magic, and I get another free brace with an ebook! Perfect! Highly recommend to my friends!

Monique P. 25 June 2019

Kneele has shown me what was possible with a life free of knee pains. I’m still on my journey of recovery, but I’m definitely seeing results! I’d highly recommend them to anyone who has knee pain.

Keisha H. 13 June 2019

The brace helps on cold days too. Warms me right up from the knees. It also helps keep my joints loose on cold rainy days. Great!

Linda T. 5 July 2019

Very good quality and useful. I’d get a few more soon to have a pair for myself, and a pair for my husband.

Karla K. 2 July 2019

Quality product. And even better service. I like Kneele’s sense of community. They actually cared that I get better. We’ll be following their growth closely.

Maria C. 1 July 2019

Life changing. Nothing I’ve tried so far has given me this sort of relief from pain. And the best part is that the good feelings last for quite a while! I think Kneele is on to something here. Keep it up!

Ahmed M. 17 June 2019

I wish all my friends would try this. I’m recommending it to my mates as it really did good for me. I hope everyone tries it too!

Barbara R. 10 August 2019

It works better than I expected! Great product. Really insightful tips in the ebook too! Recommended

Samantha B. 31 July 2019

Great product! High quality, and excellent service. Will be getting a few more sets for my parents!

Dorothy W. 17 August 2019

I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it on several times, I know Kneele is on to something here. Great product, I can't recommend it enough!

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Why Kneele?

We offer lifetime value in providing you with the best tips for knee care as we are passionate on our mission to help sufferers of osteoarthritis, via our eBook and our blog.

Our brace produces far infrared light which penetrates deeply into your tissues. Far infrared has numerous healing properties which you can read more about here.

What is Far Infrared and is it safe to use?

Far Infrared is a naturally occurring low-energy invisible light from the Sun. The effects of far infrared on humans have been studied for over 30 years (1989).

This energy facilitates the transmission of heat through vacuum and matter.

Far infrared is not to be confused with the potentially harmful waves from the Sun i.e. ultraviolet rays,  which are not used in our product.

It has been proven, with great statistical significance, that far infrared light is definitely safe and highly therapeutic and brings a wide array of natural benefits.

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Will Far Infrared cause skin irritations?

As long as you have no allergies to sunlight, you should have no problems with far infrared.

Consult your local practitioner if you have a history of skin irritations due to light or heat before ordering our product.

How does it feel when using this device?

The far infrared light penetrates deeply into your tissues and heats from within. The heat may not be felt immediately from the skin, but from within your knee tissues.

This feature of far infrared light is distinctly different from heating pads which may offer little to no healing benefits

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We currently only ship locally from within the United States. Let us know here if you're not from the US but are interested in our products.

What's in the package?

You will receive the following:

1x Far Infrared Brace

1x USB cable

1x eBook with lifetime updates sent to your email inbox.

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