The KneelePad™
The KneelePad™
The KneelePad™
The KneelePad™
The KneelePad™

The KneelePad™

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If knees hurting is an excuse preventing you from going outdoors and enjoying activities such as cycling, hiking or even simply walking, then the KneelePad is designed to take away all that pain in just one use, so you can do whatever you like without worries.


When left unchecked, the knee pain only gets worse over time, and you miss out on life. Thus, it is important to take immediate action.

The KneelePad will promote joint healing and rejuvenate your knees over time to give you a youthful spring in your step.


If you have been suffering from knee pains for a while, you may even have considered several options suggested by doctors:

  • Long-term health-damaging drugs and pills with plenty of known negative side effects
  • A $700 knee gel injection that only lasts for 3 months
  • A $50,000 knee replacement surgery and 5 months of hospital visits

These are options that may seem unrealistic. Not only are these options costly, they are also detrimental to our health.

With the KneelePad, you can get rid of the thought that having strong knees mean expensive surgeries.





The KneelePad uses proven Far Infrared technology and is an affordable yet highly effective technology that is designed to:

  • Alleviate pain and discomfort so you'll feel refreshed with each use.
  • Improve blood circulation so that regenerative nutrients are carried to your joints
  • Repair worn cartilage by stimulating cell regeneration
  • Ease joint inflammations and reduce swelling
  • Improves flexibility in muscle and joint fibres by keeping tissue youthful
  • Eliminates chronic pains and aids recovery

You'll feel an amazing, soothing warmth when using the KneelePad. 


The KneelePad™ keeps everyone in mind and is perfect for:

  • Osteoarthritis sufferers
  • People who frequent the gym
  • Construction and extraction workers
  • People who enjoy hiking
  • Mothers with busy schedules
  • Avid runners
  • People with an active lifestyle


You can now enjoy outdoor activities without any discomfort.

Your knees should never stop you from enjoying life! If the simple thought of going outside with painful knees scares you, look no further.


Now you can plan on having that day out with friends and family,

or look forward to that stroll on the beach,

have an all-day shopping spree on weekends,

or even take up an entirely new sport you've been wanting to try since you were very young!



Imagine what you could be doing with youthful knees? The possibilities are endless!




You can’t put a price on the experiences you’ll have in your life.

Don’t miss another opportunity to spend your life doing the things you like, with the people you love.





Package includes

1x KneelePad

1x Charging cable



You can power the device with the cable provided, using a powerbank or a wall charger (5-12V DC recommended)

Use in the morning and the evening daily, or whenever you feel pain. Regular use over a period of time will provide long-term healing benefits

Press and hold to power on. Once powered, single press to change intensity. The light colour indicates intensity:



The KneelePad is 23 inches / 59cm long as it wraps around your knee and is more than enough to fit any knee size, including plus-sized ones.




Our products are designed for you to fall in love with. If you don't fall in LOVE with our products, contact us for a stress-free refund. 


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Had been considering injections before this. I’m so glad Kneele found me and showed me what was possible before I dropped $700+ on it. Insurance doesn't cover it...

Mary L. 28 June 2019

I used to take ibuprofen on those excruciating days. I know it’s bad for my health long term but I had no other options. Thanks Kneele, for coming into my life and changing that for me.

Tara K. 5 June 2019

The pills I used to take always made my stomach upset with acid and it was always a balancing game. It worked somehow but I knew I had to find something better and affordable. I’m glad I found Kneele just at the right time. Your product works very well and provides a ton of relief for me!

Parker S. 3 July 2019

I used to use a lot of those stickers for my knee pain. The whole house would always smell of it. Now, I’m getting a similar relief and the warming sensations feel amazing. The relief is so good, it feels like it comes from within my knee. Thanks from an old lady.

CY Lan 7 July 2019